Ab Toning Belt: Effective Strategies For Six Pack Abs

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Are you looking for information on how to transform your stomach muscles into firm hard washboard-type abdominals? Are you looking for a way to reach this ideal body with the least amount of effort possible? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to investigate three secrets for reaching a washboard-ripped stomach and then we’re going to look into a time-saving exercise device called an ab belt or an ab toning belt that will help you reach your goal even more quickly and easily.

It’s a dream of many people that they can eventually have a six pack of abdominal muscles. It’s a dream that many chase but few achieve. The ones who do achieve it crucially know and practice three essential everyday things. And they make the routine practice of these things a part of their daily lives.

Let’s get started and reveal exactly what those three way-of-life aspects are that will help you reach your six pack abs. Just by making these tiny changes everyday, you’ll be moving forwards towards your ideal body condition and you’ll will be confident that you will get there steadily and safely.

The Importance Of Water And Diet

It’s frequently said that you should drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day but it’s surprising how often men and women ignore this crucial piece of health advice. And yet maintaining a healthy diet is absolutely key to helping you get those toned and firm abdominal muscles.

The reason for this is that if you do not drink enough water and keep to a healthy diet, you are going to carry around belly fat. And, once that happens, it doesn’t matter how firm or toned your abdominal muscles eventually become…they just will not be visible under that layer of belly fat.

It is then of vital importance that you stay hydrated, not only because this is part of a healthy lifestyle, but it will also help you to regulate the amount of food you eat. It will help you in the fight against fat, and that includes the belly fat. Just by drinking a glass of water before every meal, you will find that you will naturally eat less food at a meal.

Cardio Exercise Is Key

But it’s not enough just to drink water and improve your diet, you also need to be practising some kind of physical exercise that will get your heart rate up. Your target is to elevate your heart rate to what is known as “The Fat Burning Zone”.

If you can achieve this target heart rate four or five times a week, you are setting yourself up to reach your six pack abs efficiently. There are a lot of cardio-based activities that will help here such as riding your bike, swimming, circuit training, walking, Pilates, aerobics or even just running or jogging.

As a side benefit, getting your heart rate up a few times a week will also help you sleep better and give you more energy throughout every day. There is so much to be gained from exercising your heart that it’s a complete no-brainer to do it…you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Precise Workouts For The Abdominal Muscles

The first two points we have discussed have been about ridding yourself of the belly fat that will hide your wonderfully-developed abdominal muscles from the world. While these two secrets are absolutely essential to reach your six pack abs, you obviously need to firm and tone your abs as well.

Let us now investigate what kinds of exercises you can do in order to achieve that toning. Traditionally, abdominal crunches and situps have been an effective way of focusing directly on the abdominal muscles. It has also been found that leg lifts and leg raises also work and, at the same time, they reduce the amount of strain being placed on the back and neck while performing the exercises.

This is an important point. While you are performing any kind of workout, it is key that you maintain a safe and effective form otherwise you risk hurting your body through just through the act of doing the exercise.

Maximize Your Results

As well as the exercises that have already been mentioned, there is a new strategy for abdominal toning that has recently been becoming more and more popular. This is the use of the abdominal belt, more commonly known as an ab belt.

To many people, these devices initially appear to be just money-making scams. But on further investigation, you may see that they are actually based on solid medical principles.

Let’s look a bit closer at how these devices actually work.

How Does An Ab Toning Belt Work?

The ab belt is a belt or pad that fits around your waist, though you can actually buy versions that fit other parts of the body as well. Some systems like Slendertone are able to be used on body parts as diverse as arms, thighs and even your bottom. These kinds of systems allow you to target multiple areas of your body and may eventually prove to be a much better purchase for you if you are interested in them.

An ab belt works by sending electrical current from a powerpack to the pad or belt. Your muscles, once they become subjected to the electrical current, contract just as they would if you were doing a situp. By contracting the muscle again and again, the muscle is being worked-out in the same way as you would if you were doing the actual physical exercise with it. This is how the muscle tissues become toned without effort.

Choose Your Belt Wisely

So that you can get the best ab belt results, it is usually best to buy one that is accompanied by an educational toning program. These kinds of programs will tell you how often to use the ab belt and for how long you should use it.

There will likely also be advice on how to adapt your usage of the belt as your muscles gradually become firmer and stronger over time. With some makes of ab belt you can make your own decision about how to vary the electrical pulse that the powerpack sends to your muscles. You may find that you will need to increase the strength of the pulse as your muscles become firmer.

Our Recommendation

There are lots of ab belts on the market. However, from our research around the internet, we would recommend THE FLEX BELT Ab Belt Workout – FDA Cleared to Tone, Firm and Strengthen the Abdominal Muscles. It comes with a 24 month warranty and shipping is free if you order it from Amazon.

It is very light and therefore can be worn anywhere and anytime as it is well hidden underneath your clothes. You won’t have to worry about hurting your back with the Flex Belt as there are no aggressive movements around the back area. You are likely to suffer from back problems with other ab belts.

In this article, we’ve looked at general principles for reaching your goal of having six pack abs and then we’ve looked a bit deeper and investigated the usage of ab belts. I hope you have found this information useful and wish you the best of luck with your journey to getting your dream six pack.

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