The Best Home Exercise Equipment Choices


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If you watch television for any length of time, you will no doubt see a never-ending stream of new and exciting exercise equipment. Many of the products may appear to be quite good while many may appear to be just gimmicky. The question you have to ask yourself is what’s good and what’s bad?

Among the options available are free weights, from which you can get an excellent workout by themselves.

Kettlebell Popularity

Kettlebells have become very popular recently for overall toning and cardio as well as for muscle building. The reason for their popularity is their simplicity, affordability and the fact that it gives you a full body workout.

At the start though, you might find kettlebells can be a bit fiddly and can take you a while to get through your workout routine, especially if you’re aiming to exercise your entire body.

But, if you stick with it, you will get better in no time. Kettlebells can be used by both men and women. The recommended kettlebell weight for an average woman is 8 kg and the recommended kettlebell weight for an average man is 12 kg.

If you are aiming to build more muscle mass and get less cardio, then you can just increase your kettlebell weight accordingly and perform less reps of your chosen workout routine.

Cardio Machines

A better option might be just to use a good cardiovascular machine. The kinds of machines that are excellent are the ones that offer you the capability to exercise every major muscle group such as the elliptical trainer or a treadmill.

Elliptical trainers are great for people who suffer from bad knees and want a low impact on their joints. Treadmills enable people to walk or run indoors. If you choose a treadmill that can be inclined, then you can get a more challenging workout. Often they can be folded and stored away quite easily without causing any inconvenience. You will find a full review of a high spec treadmill for the home here on the site.

Another option for you is the good old exercise bike. Exercise bikes have been around for such a long time, decades in fact, and although many people do not regard them as having the same flexibility as many other exercise machines, you can buy them for a relatively small amount of money.

They’re convenient to use; you just jump on and you can get a great workout for your heart in minutes. Even just a quarter of an hour a day would make a significant difference to you.

Target Your Whole Body

I’m not sure though I would recommend this as the only form of exercise you should do. The problem with exercise bikes is that they only target a very limited part of your body. Your upper body will be neglected if you simply rely on an exercise bike.

Another less popular piece of exercise equipment that gives you a good cardio workout is the jump rope. Once you get the hang of it and get used to the timing, rhythm and speed, this form of exercise is so fun that it will get addictive. The best types of jump ropes are the weighted jump ropes, that give your shoulders a better workout and the speed rope that gives a more intense overall workout.

Rowing machines are yet another very popular option for exercising. They’re often compact, extremely affordable, and can often give you a whole body workout. And the great thing is that you can get this complete workout in very short amount of time.

If You Buy It, Use It

There are so many different types of exercise equipment these days and it would be impossible for one article to cover everything that is available. Your basic strategy should be to simply find something you like using – and use it!

If you know that all you are going to use is an exercise bike, then by all means go ahead and get one. It is far better to buy a piece of equipment you know you are going to use than one that is going to sit around the house doing nothing all day.

Even a bike, combined with a brisk walk during the day, perhaps a swim at some point, and perhaps even some gentle stretching, will enable you to keep fit in a relatively short amount of time.

Your Body Is For Life

Whatever piece of exercise equipment you choose, the most important thing, like I said, is to use it. There is little more painful than paying out a large sum of money for an expensive piece of equipment and watching it deteriorate in the corner of your house.

It seems amazing that many people will work huge amounts of overtime each week to afford a large house and a nice car yet they won’t even spend half an hour taking care of their own body a few times a week. Add to this all the horrible food that they put into their bodies and the stress caused by the demands of everyday life. They are asking for major problems with their health.

You want your kids to see you grow older don’t you? So don’t fall into the trap of putting your work before your body. Just by buying a piece of fitness equipment that you will definitely use will go a long way to helping you live a long healthy happy life.


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