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The Best Way To Bulk Up : Build Muscle With Minimal Fat

bulking upPhoto by Tobyotter

Some claim the conventional bulking-cutting cycle is the most reliable, although some state that it is better to get muscle without building fat in the very first place. And so the key question is, “Should I get big first and then cut, or simply build lean muscle?”

The solution to this lies in what you eat. So, let us look at some fundamental nutrient components to find out how what you eat influences your capability to get muscle.

Eat Just Over What You Can Burn

It may seem quite cliche but it is completely accurate that your capability to build muscle is directly impacted by the quantity of food you eat on a day to day basis. And I said food not only protein. Unlike what a lot of people believe, simply taking in enormous levels of protein does not mean you are optimizing muscle development.

Just how can food play with such a vital part in building muscle? Well, your body burns off a particular amount of energy daily, which can be measured in calories. The body gets this energy primarily from the fat you keep, as well as the food you take in.

In the event you are feeding your body less energy it burns off, then you might be in a “calorie deficit”, which leads to weight reduction and fat burning. To be honest, this means that the power to make muscle is significantly reduced.

This does not mean that you should not under-eat, but you need to prevent over-overeating also, so what is the quantity that is correct? As a general rule, you should try and eat at least 10% more calories than you can expend on a daily basis.

By keeping this little “calorie excess,” you make sure the body’s ability to synthesize muscle proteins works at full capability, and you also minimize fat storage. This means that in the event that you’re seriously interested in bulking then you need to overeat.

Eating For Bulking

Overeating comes with limits needless to say. Among the very most typical myths on the market is you can only eat when you are bulking, and you can eat anything you want. This will probably bulk you up but not in the correct way because you will be building up your fat content as well.

If you are gaining more than 2 pounds a week, then you are probably overeating. You need to aim to have natural and healthy sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the right quantities and be strict with your diet even when you are bulking up. But you can perhaps allow yourself one cheat meal each week roughly but remember you want to aim for a clean bulk.

When Can I Stop Bulking And Start Cutting?

The solution to this is easy because it is determined by your body fat percentage. Men, in the event you are over 15% and women in the event that you are over 25% body fat, you need to cut fat. Men, in the event that you are between 10 – 12% and women between 20 – 22% body fat , you must put on size.

The reason why these percentages work is mainly because there is the visual variable. Once you get above 15%, you begin to look”fat”, your abs entirely vanish, your muscles appear to be big blobs and so on, but there is more.

It is easy to become fatter once you are fat so try and avoid going over the recommended body fat percentage. This also substantially gets in the way of building muscle. This is because as body fat levels increase the chance of keeping carbohydrates increases, as well as the ability of the body to burn fat decreases.

I hope this article has helped you understand when you should bulk and cut and how you should do it.



Are Weightlifting Workouts Such As Chalean Extreme Actually Effective?

chalean extreme weightsIf you have recently embarked on the journey to getting fitter, then you will be asking yourself a lot of questions. The list goes on and on such as what kind of meals to eat or what kind of exercises to do to tone up my leg muscles.

However, with so much information available on the Internet, it can be difficult to find out the real truth about getting fit, more specifically about weight training. This article will give you an idea of the misconceptions out there regarding weight training and also compare a couple of workout programs that involve weights.

Can Weights Affect Your Joints?

This is a misconception because weight training consists of controlled and low-impact movements. It is actually less harmful to your joints than running. People who believe that weightlifting is bad for joints are probably those who are not exercising with the right weights according to their physical strength and body type.

There are workout programs that target weightlifting. For example, the P90X, Insanity and Chalean Extreme equipment needed are primarily weights and will actually strengthen your joints in addition to giving you more muscle definition and increasing your overall health.

Can Women Really Get Big Muscles From Weightlifting?

This is another misconception whereby women think that by lifting heavy weights, they will get really bulky. Lifting heavy weights will just replace the fat in your body with muscles instead.

If you are really concerned and do not want to lift heavy weight, then you can just go for fitness workout programs that have lighter weight training such the Chalean Extreme workout program. Another fitness program that uses lighter weight training is the TurboFire workout program. This should get rid of your fear about bulking up.

Does Weight Training Affect Children’S Bone Structure?

Parents think that weights will affect their children’s bone structure and delay their growth. Although it is true that children tend to have a slightly weaker bone structure than adults, exercises such as running and jumping is actually a lot more harmful to the bones compared to weight training.

It is important to get rid of these misconceptions about weight training because they are unfounded and you will actually be preventing yourself from getting that lean body you are after. You should integrate weight lifting exercises in your daily exercise routine and you will see significant improvement.

They are currently two very popular workout programs out there by Beach Body called P90X and Chalean Extreme. They both involve some weightlifting but there are some key differences that we are going to discuss below.

What Is P90X By Tony Horton?

P90X essentially aims to get you in the best shape you have ever been in. It can be used by regular people like you and me or even by the world’s top athletes.

However, if you are not in a reasonably good shape, you should not do P90X because it is very high intensity and the workouts can be very challenging.

What Is Chalean Extreme By Chalene Johnson?

This workout essentially aims to build muscle which will in turn burn fat and get you lean. This is because muscles burn more calories from fat.

This workout is aimed at absolutely everyone even if you are an absolute beginner. However, you can also challenge yourself by using heavier weights for Chalean Extreme workouts.

Therefore, it offers a lot of flexibility as the weights needed for Chalean Extreme workouts can be changed and rotated as you please.

What Are The Main Differences Between The Above Two Workout Programs?

Length of workoutsthe typical workout in Chalean Extreme takes about 45 to 60 minutes. The equivalent workout in P90X ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. The workouts have to be performed daily for a period of 90 days.

Equipment used – Chalean Extreme equipment needed includes dumbbells. It does not involve any chin-ups or pull-ups. On the other hand, P90X involves chin-ups which means that you must purchase a generic bar. P90X also uses resistance bands.

Nature of exercises – As previously mentioned, both exercises are very popular with people. However, for beginners Chalean Extreme is probably a better starting point because P90X tends to be more intense.

Trainers – Chalean Extreme is taught by Chalene Johnson. She is really good but will also be tough and push you to your limits. On the other hand, P90X is taught by Tony Horton. It is really a matter of preference whether you prefer a man or woman to teach you.

What Is Our Verdict?

Whichever workout you choose the main thing to bear in mind is that you will get where you want to be with both of them whether your fitness goal is to lose weight or get more muscular.chaleandvds

It is also important to bear in mind that any fitness or weight loss program needs to be accompanied by their right diet. This is the only way that you can get the best results in a certain time period.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a good idea about what weightlifting is about and what the differences between P90X and Chalean Extreme are. We recommend trying both workouts and wish you the best of luck on your journey to getting fit and ripped.

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What Are The Philosophies And Guidelines Behind The Chalean Extreme Diet Plan And Recipes?

philosophy and guidelines behine chalean extreme diet plan

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The Chalean Extreme workout, created by Chalene Johnson, has become very popular because people have got good results from it. However, Chalene Johnson stresses the importance of having a balanced diet as part of this workout routine.

In this article, we will discuss the philosophy and guidelines behind the suggested nutrition plan for Chalean Extreme. The way the workout is designed is based on the fact that muscle burns fat. Therefore, the workout mainly focuses on building more muscles which will then burn more calories and make you lean.

Give Your Body The Right Fuel

In order to build muscles, you need to provide the body with the right fuel it needs to create those muscles. This is the only way you are going to get the results you desire.

The right nutrition is important in this workout because if you are eating the right food at the right time and understand why the food you eat needs to be the right fuel for the body, then the process of building muscles in order to burn fat will happen more efficiently.

In addition to getting leaner, the correct nutrition will also have other benefits such as higher levels of energy, and a healthier heart and body. However, it is important to remember that you need to adopt nutritional habits that can be sustained for the rest of your life because otherwise the body transformation you are going to get from Chalean Extreme is only going to be temporary.

Adopt The Following Food Habits

Eat five times a day – You should have three main meals and two snacks in a day. These meals should have the right proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They should roughly be three hours apart and this is because if you do not eat every two to three hours, your body actually starts to increase its fat stores.

Monitor your calorie intake – Women should aim to eat approximately 1200 to 1500 calories a day. Men should aim to eat approximately 1400 to 1700 calories a day. In order to calculate the exact number of calories you need to consume for the Chalean Extreme workout, use the Caloric Needs Calculator at

Change Your Eating Habits With The Different Phases

The Chalean Extreme workout is designed in three phases; the burn phase in the first month, the push phase in the second month and the lean phase in the third month. As you move through the different phases in this workout, the Chalean Extreme recipes have more calories because your metabolic rate will increase.

In the burn phase, meals are rich in protein and vegetables and are low in refined carbohydrates and fats. In the push phase, protein intake is increased and this increases the amount of daily calories. In the lean phase, you are consuming the exact meals from the burn phase but in bigger quantities.

Get Your Mind Right

It is common knowledge that a lot of people have food disorders and tend to overeat and get obese as a result. Many of us have problems with eating healthy even when we know that is the best thing to do.chaleanpic

There is usually an emotional problem that causes overeating. As part of the Chalean Extreme package, you will get Chalene Johnson’s motivational audio program which will help you address your eating disorders.

In order to start eating healthy you need to plan where you are going to eat as well as what you are going to eat. Otherwise, you are going to be tempted into grabbing the quick fast food or letting ourselves go hungry for long periods. In order to get the best results with this workout, you need to be very strict with what and when you eat.

Get Your Facts Right

Lots of people believe that consuming fats will make them fat. This is a misconception because it is excess insulin production that causes people to get fat. Excess insulin is caused by consuming an excess of sugar.

Beware of fat free foods – Most of the time full fat foods have a lower sugar content than fat free foods. This means that fat free foods actually produce more insulin and therefore more fat.

Consume healthy fats – You need to consume polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats which are the healthy fats. The uhealthy fats are hydrogenated fats or saturated fats. These can be found in fried foods. Healthy fats can be found mainly in nuts, seeds, olive oil and fish.

Drink Plenty & At The Right Time

It is recommended that you drink six to eight ounces of water in a day. You should try and avoid drinking while eating because the body will just take more time to digest your food.

Half an hour before every meal, have a glass of water as this will help curb your hunger. Try and avoid too much low calorie drinks and avoid all sugary drinks.

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what the philosophy is behind the Chalean Extreme diet plan and recipes. When you buy this workout, you get the fat burning food guide which provides you with more than 80 healthy recipes. Hopefully, this will make your fat loss journey a lot more exciting.

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Stay On Track: ChaLEAN Extreme Calendar And Worksheets

chalean schedule and sheets

Photo by photosteve101

You might have noticed that it is much easier to keep the weight off when you are younger. When you start to get older, this process becomes harder. This is how Chalene Johnson, the creator of ChaLEAN Extreme, started to think about how to design this new workout program.

The ChaLEAN Extreme training program works on the basis that by building muscles, you will burn more fat and, as a result, you will lose weight and become leaner. It is based on resistance training.

The full program lasts for 90 days and is divided into three 30 day phases. The ChaLEAN Extreme calendar can be followed to identify which workouts are due within each of these three 30 day phases.

See Changes After 30 Days

When you buy ChaLEAN Extreme, you get 15 workouts on six DVDs. Each workout lasts between 22 to 46 minutes. Therefore, to complete each workout in plenty of time, you need to set aside about an hour of your day.

By the end of the program, Chalene Johnson says that you can burn up to 60% of your body fat. However, you will start to see changes after every 30 day phase in terms of leanness.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout program does not have a lot of cardio. It is mainly based on weight-lifting. But the package includes an extreme cardio DVD so people can get extra cardio workouts if they want to.

Here is the ChaLEAN Extreme schedule details for each of the 30 day phases:

Burn Phase: Kick-Start Metabolism

In this phase, the workouts focus on making your body stronger by starting to lift weights that are reasonably heavy but not extremely heavy. This is what kick-starts your metabolism to eventually achieve a lean physique.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout calendar summary is shown below:

Day 1: Burn Circuit 1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Burn Circuit 2
Day 4: Burn Intervals, Ab Burner
Day 5: Burn Circuit 3
Day 6: Burn It Off; Recharge
Day 7: Rest Day

A lot of people doing this workout use the first rest day to do some cardio.

Push Phase: Max Out Muscles

In this phase you will be lifting some really heavy weights which pushes your muscles to their maximum. The weights you should use here are 15 pounds or more. The repetitions change from 12 repetitions in the burn phase to 8 repetitions in this phase.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout schedule looks like this:

Day 1: Push Circuit 1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Push Circuit 2
Day 4: Burn Intervals; Ab Burner/Extreme Abs
Day 5: Push Circuit 3
Day 6: Burn It Off; Recharge
Day 7: Rest Day

Midway through this phase, Ab Burner is replaced by Extreme Abs.

Lean Phase: Tone Up Muscles

In this phase, weights are combined with a variety of strong movements of the arms and legs.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout plan looks like this:

Day 1: Lean Circuit 1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Lean Circuit 2
Day 4: Burn Intervals/Lean Intervals & Extreme Abs/I’ve Got Abs
Day 5: Lean Circuit 3
Day 6: Burn It Off/Fat Burn Challenge; Recharge
Day 7: Rest Day

Check Workout Times

Burn Circuit 1 – 36:00 min.
Burn Circuit 2 – 38:00 min.
Burn Circuit 3 – 32:30 min.
Push Circuit 1 – 33:00 min.
Push Circuit 2 – 35:00 min.
Push Circuit 3 – 35:00 min.
Lean Circuit 1 – 44:00 min.
Lean Circuit 2 – 40:00 min.
Lean Circuit 3 – 39:00 min.
Burn it Off – 27:00 min.
Recharge – 21:00 min.
Burn Intervals – 46:00 min.
Ab Burner – 10:30 min.
Extreme Abs – 16:30 min.

Get Free Calendar & Worksheets

You can print off the ChaLEAN Extreme workout calendar pdf here.

There are also some ChaLEAN Extreme worksheets that you can use with this program to track your progress. For each workout of each phase, they record the weight and the repetitions.

You can download a copy of the ChaLEAN Extreme worksheet here.

Although this workout is designed to accommodate beginners, people who are not used to weight-lifting will have to get used to some soreness at the start. This will be a barrier that people new to fitness will have to overcome.

Get Maximum Results

One thing to watch for is that the package does not come with the weights included as some of you might think. Therefore, you need to do some research on which weight to use and go out and buy them.chaleandvds

If you really want to get lean, build muscle and lose fat, then you should make sure you use the ChaLEAN Extreme workout plan and ChaLEAN Extreme workout sheets to organize your workouts and also track your progress. This will act as a big motivation on those days when you are not feeling like you want to work out.

The other thing to remember is that Chalene Johnson really emphasizes that a good diet plan is important to accompany this workout program in order to get maximum results. This is why there is a meal plan that comes with the package. Chalene also gives a lot of information about what to eat during the DVD workouts as well.

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How to Lose Weight Fast: Best Eating And Drinking Habits


Photo by Alan Cleaver

Do you want to lose weight fast? Then, you are not alone. Most people will tell you that you can lose weight fast by just watching your diet and exercising regularly. However, if it was really just this simple then we would all be already really lean and fit, wouldn’t we?

There are so many tips and techniques out there which are advertised for how to lose weight fast and this makes it really difficult to figure out which ones really work or not, especially when most of them are just money-making scams.

In this article, I will share genuine eating and drinking habits that have been tried and tested to speed up your weight loss and help you maintain a lean physique.

Make Water Your Best Friend

Most of us underestimate the number of calories there are in the drinks we consume on a daily basis such as latte coffees or cans of soft drink. These drinks are full of calories and you can put on weight very quickly if you have them every day. For example just a small can of soft drink can pack up to 150 calories.

The other misconception is the fact that fruit juices are good for you. However, the naturally occurring sugars in fruit juices can cause fast weight gain because most of us do not do enough exercise to burn the sugars off. In order to lose weight, you need to replace all your high calorie drinks with water which contains no calories.

Water also has the added benefit of removing toxins and promoting good colon health which in turn prevents health problems such as hemorrhoids.

Have Healthy Snacks

Snacking in between meals in itself is not the cause of weight gain but it is unhealthy snacks that causes weight gain. Healthy snacking can actually promote weight loss because it keeps your metabolism reasonably high throughout the day as well as your blood sugar level reasonably high.

This means that you will have less cravings in between meals. Get rid of all unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthier alternatives such as dried fruits and nuts, yogurt, low fat cheese and vegetables for example.

Stop Eating Just Salads

We see this especially in offices where women tend to have just salads for lunch. While it is good to have salad, you should not have just greens. Your salad should include some protein and fat. Examples of good proteins to include in your salad are chicken, fish, and eggs. Examples of good fats are guacamole and avocados.

If you just have greens in your salad what will happen is that you will get hungry by 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you will start looking for chocolates, crisps and cookies to satisfy your cravings. By adding proteins and fats to your salad you will feel fuller for longer which will stop cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Don’t Ban Carbohydrates

The general consensus these days is that carbohydrates contributes more to weight gain than fats. This has led lots of people to completely avoid carbohydrates. This is not advisable because it can be harmful to your health.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy and it is also the most important food for the brain to function properly. What you need to avoid is high glycemic carbohydrates such as potatoes, white pasta, white rice and other highly processed foods most of the time and only consume those after a session of strenuous workout. The rest of the time, consume low glycemic carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal and wholemeal bread. Carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can be hard to avoid for most people. However, if you are looking for fast weight loss you have to control the amount of alcohol you consume on a daily basis. The reason for this is because alcohol contains a high number of calories and therefore, if not burned, will result in fast weight gain.

Not only does alcohol have high calorie content, it has no nutritional value at all and it also stimulates the appetite which is why most people feel hungry after a night out and this is not ideal if you trying to watch the calories.

To give you an idea of how much damage this can cause to your eating plan, a glass of wine or a pint of beer can pile up to 200 calories. The worst of all are sugary cocktails because just a couple of those can set you back at least 1000 calories or more.

Buy Whey Protein

As mentioned previously, in order to avoid cravings you need to have healthy snacks in between your meals. These can be difficult to prepare in advance because we are all busy and therefore investing in a good quality whey protein or meal replacement supplement is worth the money because it provides a quick and easy snack as all you need to do is add water or milk to a serving of the protein powder.

Monitor Your Calorie Intake

It is easy to underestimate the number of calories you are consuming on a daily basis. You might think you are eating a small meal to cut down the calories but then you are having a few lattes and soft drinks throughout the day and you forget to take the drinks into account.

You might be surprised how many calories you are consuming once you start making notes of everything you eat and drink and the number of calories they contain. This calorie-counting exercise is not only to keep record on a daily basis of everything you are eating and drinking but it will act as a eye-opener.

Even if you do it for just the one day, this will help you to realize how many calories you actually are consuming compared to what you think you are consuming.

Dieting Is Not Enough

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a good idea of what changes you need to make to your diet in order to speed up your weight loss. However, diet changes alone are not enough for healthy weight loss and needs to be complemented with the right exercise routines and lifestyle changes in order to be sustainable.

Check out our related article at the link below for the right exercise routines and lifestyle changes to complement fast weight loss.

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ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews: Can It Really Get You LEAN?


Photo by LyndaSanchez

If you are reading this article, then you will have either heard about ChaLEAN Extreme from the TV infomercial or you will have come across it by being familiar with the existing BeachBody suite of home fitness programs such as P90X and Insanity.

You are probably wondering why yet another home fitness program has been brought out by BeachBody and whether it delivers results and the Chalean Extreme results before and after are as good if not better than the existing circuit training programs that already exist out there.

This is where I come in as I am going to share some real ChaLEAN Extreme workout routine customer reviews with you and you will then hopefully have enough information about this new home circuit training program to make a decision of whether it will produce the fitness results that you are looking to achieve.

What Is Chalean Extreme?

ChaLEAN Extreme is a 90 day circuit training program that you can practice in the comfort of your own home. The program is subdivided into three 30 day phases, with each phase focusing on specific weight-lifting training combined with some high-intensity cardiovascular training to get you leaner and leaner.

According to BeachBody, the creators, the program works by building lean muscle which causes your metabolism to shoot up and this causes fat burn. They claim that the workouts are designed in such a way that the high metabolism is sustained long after the exercise, and even while you sleep, which maximises fat burn and that is why visible results can be seen after every 30 days. According to BeachBody, you can decrease your body fat by up to 60% in the 90 day period.

Genuine User Reviews For ChaLEAN Extreme Workout

I know you came here to read genuine ChaLEAN extreme circuit training reviews and results when it comes to weight loss and toning so here they are. The reviews of ChaLEAN extreme workout routine have been taken from trusted sources such as the official website, Amazon and review blogs.

ChaLEAN Extreme claims to get you toned with lean muscle definition even if you are a beginner at weight-lifting and irrespective of your age:

I completed the Insanity workout and was looking for something to stay in shape. I saw Chalean Extreme recommended and thought I’d give it a try…I’ve become very toned with muscle definition that I’ve never had. I regret not taking the before and after pictures! I completed the 90 days and have continued with the maintainence for the last 1 1/2 years. Great product, results, and directions for beginning weight lifters. At 48, thanks to Chalean Extreme, I feel and look better than ever!


In this ChaLEAN Extreme review, the user canceled their gym membership because ChaLEAN Extreme worked better for them. This woman lost 4 pounds in overall weight and 4% of body fat in 6 weeks…

Definitely worth the money – I actually canceled my gym membership because with this, I am consistently working out, unlike not being able to go the gym or not having the motivation to go…I am now on week 6 of this program and went from a 28% body fat to 24% within 6 weeks, and that is without “dieting.” I lost about 4 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my hips, but only 4 pounds overall. This is exactly the kind of result that I wanted – lose body fat, look leaner and tighter, and not lose muscle mass.

momforever “Mom of three”,

The workouts are presented to be fun and addictive, according to another user of ChaLEAN Extreme, who is also getting compliments from their friend on how good they look…

I am about to finish my first month and I am addicted!..wanted to tone up and make myself look better. I feel like I am accomplishing that and then some! I had a friend tell me my shoulders looked amazing the other day and it made my whole week!

Leslie Thomas, Facebook Page

This user claims that you will get your youth back with ChaLEAN Extreme…

WOW This workout is amazing. I am 43 years old and have the body of a 20 year old, only better it’s lean, tight and physically fit. Getting older no way I feel and look great, and have turned the clock back 20 years. With all the muscle I eat more and burn more calories, it is the BEST…


What’s Included In The Box?

ChaLEAN Extreme includes 15 workouts on 6 DVDs, a Muscle Burns Fat guidebook with workout calendars and a body fat tester to keep track of your body fat throughout the program.

When you buy it, you get a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.chaleandvds

You also get $684.00 value for just 3 monthly payments of $29.95 (+$19.95 s&h) or select a single payment option during checkout.

Furthermore, when you order directly from the official BeachBody website from the link below, you get the following additional 5 gifts for free:

  1. Ab Burner – helps you shrink, tighten, and tone your tummy
  2. Extreme Abs – Targeted ab routine for a rock-hard midsection
  3. Fat-Burning Food Guide shows you what to eat in each step to maximize fat burning
  4. Pro-Grade Resistance Band to burn fat and tone muscle faster!
  5. Thigh Toner Band adds some extra “oomph” to your lower-body resistance training

Free Upgrade – In addition, if you order directly from the official BeachBody website from the link below, you get a free Upgrade to Express Delivery which is normally a $15.00 value and can get yours in just 3 to 5 business days. Upgrade applies only to the United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. Normal delivery is normally 2 to 3 weeks.

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What Are The Problems?

Price and incomplete products – I did, however, find a few bad ChaLEAN Extreme reviews on It seemed that these were due to the fact that some customers received incomplete products. These customers also claimed that they paid too much when ordering from In order to ensure that you get the complete product and pay the best price, we recommend that you buy Chalean Extreme from the official website from the link below.

Money-Back guarantee – The other main issue that people had is the fact that they did not get their money-back guarantee when they bought from some re-sellers such as Amazon. Therefore, we recommend that you buy Chalean Extreme from the official website from the link below.

Boring and repetitive – A few people have complained that the workouts can get a bit boring and repetitive and you can lose your motivation as a result. However, the majority of people seemed to find it quite fun and fast paced. Let’s face it, if you do any workout enough times, you will start to find it slightly boring.

Not challenging enough – If you are already fairly fit, you might find that unless you use heavy weights, you might not get a challenging enough workout with ChaLEAN Extreme. If you are not a beginner, then we would recommend you use a lighter weight but if you are already quite physically fit, then we would recommend using much heavier weights.



Overall, Chalean Extreme reviews show that the results obtained were favorable, according to those who used it regularly. Remember that if you are a beginner, aim for lighter weights but if you are already physically fit, then get heavier weights.

Therefore, overall, we would definitely recommend Chalean Extreme to kick start your journey to getting that lean body. We also recommend that you buy Chalean Extreme from the official website from the link below rather than from a re-seller in order to make sure that you get the money-back guarantee.

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