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Does Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Really Transform Your Body In 90 Days?

You probably know about Jillian Michaels from having seen The Biggest Loser or you might already have used one of her many workout DVDs. America’s toughest trainer, which they usually refer to her as, has now brought out a brand new workout, the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.

Like most people, you are now wondering whether this new workout of hers really delivers as advertised on the media and how it compares to her other workouts as well as other workouts on the market.

In order to help people find out whether this workout is the right one for them, I have sourced Jillian Michaels Body Revolution reviews from various places on the internet from real users who have used this workout which I will share with you below. I have also researched complaints and concerns that people using this workout have which I will also share with you further below in this article.

​What Is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution?

This new workout by Jillian Michaels helps you lose weight and transforms your entire body in 90 days. The company claims that it is revolutionary in the sense that it uses a technique called Metabolic Training which combines exercise techniques such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Plyometrics, super setting, optimized muscle splits, hybrid lifts, peripheral heart action and functional body-weight training which are used by world class athletes, all into one workout program.

The company also claims that metabolic training not only burns a high number of calories during the workout session, but it also speeds up your metabolism drastically to the extent that you are burning calories and fat for up to 16 hours after the workout and at a higher rate than with other workout programs.

The program is divided into 3 phases and each phase includes 4 metabolic training workouts and 1 cardio workout. Each workout session lasts 30 minutes.

  • Phase 1 – Aims to speed up your metabolism to kick start your calorie and fat burn with light weights and low impact cardio.
  • Phase 2 – Combines weights and resistance cable to push your muscles further and these workouts are accompanied by more challenging cardio workouts.
  • Phase 3 – Focuses on greater resistance and even more intense cardio. Therefore, to start off with this workout, you will need to buy some dumbbells.

What Do The Reviews Say?

The company claims you can lose a lot of weight and transform your entire body in 90 days:​

I lost 75 pounds in just 90 days with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution! I went from couch potato to athlete!

Richard, official Jillian Michaels website

This person claims to have lost quite a lot of weight after just a week of doing the workout...

I lost 11 lbs in the first week. If that doesn't get you motivated, I don't know what will!

Nicoletta, official Jillian Michaels website

The workout is presented as ideal for busy schedules and requiring minimal equipment whilst still giving you a challenging workout:

Perfect length at 25-35 minutes each! Everybody can make that much time in their schedule to work out. Don't be fooled by the short amount of time - Jillian pushes you to your max during each and every second...LOVE LOVE LOVE that minimal equipment is required. You need a set of weights (3lb, 5lb, 8lb), resistance band, and a yoga mat (optional).

S. Spivak,

This Jillian Michaels Body Revolution review shows that people seem to find the workouts fun and motivating...

The workouts are fun and easy to follow. I like Jillian's workouts a lot in general, and these are no exception. She cues well, gives great instruction on form, and does little motivating pep talks that I enjoy.


Some people claim that they like the progressive nature of the workouts which makes it easier to get into at the start and they also like the fact that the length of workouts does not increase further into the program...

I have purchased many programs (P90x, Insanity, Zumba) and either have challenges with the long amount of time needed (60 mins) or that they start out so difficult at first that I become frustrated. JM Body revolution will not do that to you! First, it is 30 mins a day/6 days a week and it is progressive. So even though it is tough right from the start she has progressional steps for you.


What Are The Problems?

I have not found any clearly negative reviews for this workout program but I have found some concerns that some people have.

  • Hard on Knees - Some people claim that the workouts are hard on the knees. After looking into this further, this seems to apply to all workout DVDs out there, not just Jillian Michaels'. This is why it is important to perform proper warm up and cool down according to the workout instructions to avoid any problems.
  • Expensive - Some people say it costs a bit more than other workout DVDs. This is because it is a comprehensive and fully integrated diet and workout program. The purchase price from the official Jillian Michaels website also includes the cost of the resistance band which is why it is more expensive. Therefore, we would recommend that you buy this workout package from Amazon where you may be able to get any available discounts, and then purchase a resistance cable separately. We recommend a couple of options below from Amazon which have very good reviews. If you have a low budget and are after a good value-for-money resistance band, then buy this one from If you can afford to spend a little bit more and are thinking of using the resistance cable in the future for more workout programs and more serious training, then you should get this one instead.

What Do You Get?

  • 15 DVD workouts - 4 metabolic training circuit DVD's and 1 cardio DVD for each of the three months
  • Fitness Guide - Contains more information about this workout program, rotation calendars and tips for success
  • Fat Burning Meal Plan - Includes a 90-Day customizable mix & match meal plan and 90 days of pre-planned menus

When you buy this workout program from the Amazon website from the link below, you also get the following free bonus gifts worth $70:

  • Resistance Cable - With ergonomic design and rotating handles
  • 7 Day Kickstart Metabolism - Strategy and meal plan for the most rapid and healthy weight loss results
  • 90 Day Journal - Diet and workout journal to keep track of progress
  • Bookmark - For easy access to last entries and favorite pages
  • Free 30 Day Web Club Access - 24/7 access to weight loss tools and support


In summary, from my research, it seems that the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workout has delivered good results for its users, better results than they have had with other workout programs. Therefore, if you are planning to lose weight, get toned up and energized, you should give this workout program a try and experience the results for yourself.

However, I would recommend that you buy the program from the Amazon website from the link below in order to get any available discounts on the list price and any special delivery offers.