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Rip 60 Review: Is This Workout System Too Good To Be True?

Congratulations on reaching this page. Here, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need to know about The Rip 60 Workout System. Most of us have heard about the rip 60 workout after seeing the infomercial and since then you have probably been wondering what extra benefits the workout has over the other suspension training systems that already exist.

Firstly I’ll go ahead and explain how the Rip 60 works with regards to helping you get a total body transformation. After that I’ll show you genuine Rip 60 reviews from users after actually trying the system for themselves.

What Is Rip 60?

The Rip 60 system starts with a pair of revolutionary rotating straps, which use gravity and your body weight in a fine-tuned systematic manner in the 60 day period to increase your overall flexibility, power and endurance, resulting in a total body transformation.

It is made of aircraft quality aluminium and heavy duty nylon. The heavy duty nylon is both durable and results in comfortable hand and ankle grips. The Rip 60 can be hooked securely to a number of different objects such as a tree, a fence or a door and as such can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The system is also able to support a weight of up to 600 lbs which makes it unique.

Scientifically-Designed Workouts

The Rip 60 system is based on an 8 weekly set of workouts, with a DVD for each week and each week's workout scientifically designed to build on the previous one which ultimately results in the body reaching state of maximum balance, stability and coordination.

Weeks 1 through to 4 focus on strength endurance, with weeks 5 to 8 focusing on enhancing your overall power.

The underlying science behind the Rip 60 is the fact that with each workout program, your body will reach a point where it will force you to quit. At this point, what you do is, you adjust your feet so you can change your angle which will then allow you to push your body even more.

This is the zone where the body gets optimised without causing any decline in heart rate or form resulting in maximum muscle activation which drives the fast and revolutionary body transformation with more caloric burn.

The workout program is accompanied by a 60-day nutrition guide. Each meal is designed to go hand-on-hand with the workout program so that you feel better and better every day and maximise the results of each workout.

What Are The Benefits Of The Rip 60?

    • Setting up the Rip 60 is quick and easy as all you need to do is attach the straps to any door by securing them on the door frame and then closing the door. It can also be set up outdoors as easily by attaching to a tree or fence.
    • The system has been designed in a unique way that suits users of all fitness levels.
    • The workout program is well structured with a DVD for each week and users claim that the DVDs are more explosive compared to other suspension workout programs on the market.
    • The Rip 60 gives a full body workout unlike other suspension traning systems like the P90X.
    • The Rip 60 workouts do not isolate major muscles and users say that not a single muscle gets neglected since they're all contracting during the workout.
    • The Rip 60 is claimed to give a good cardio workout (comparable to Insanity) on top of the strength training which gives a good mix of exercises.
    • Additionally, the 60-day nutrition guide has been designed to be easy to follow and each day has been specifically designed to boost your energy levels throughout the 60-day workout program while dropping weight and building muscles. Each meal takes 15 minutes or less to prepare which fits in well for people who keep busy.
    • The retail price of the Rip 60 is also considerably less than one of its competitor, the TRX system.

Are Real People Getting Results?

You have obviously come here to read about Rip 60 suspension fitness dvd workout kit reviews. So, here they are:

​In this Rip 60 suspension trainer review, the user claims that it works out the whole body and you become stronger overall...

It's more full body work instead of isolating like P90X, so everything works together to stabilize you. Actually, I feel like I've gotten more strong with Rip 60, and aesthetically I am seeing more arm definition...


​Here's what another real user thinks:

All you really need is a tree, door or somewhere around your house to hand it from. I really like it, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and this by far is the best thing I have tried. I like it that every week is different and new, I strongly believe in NASM OPT Model stability. The creator of the rip 60 workout actually worked along with NASM to make it a great product. Honestly guys, if you want to get ripped, buy the rip 60...

Alonso Pedroza,

​In this Rip 60 suspension training system review, a certified trainer seems to have been impressed:

I'm a personal trainer and TRX certified trainer, and I found this workout to be impressive thus far. The straps have a bit more versatility, which I really like. Other straps don't allow a sawing type motion, which is necessary if you want to do flutter kicks for example...


What Comes In The Kit?

    • Rip 60 Nylon Carrying Bag
    • 8 Workout DVDs
    • Rip 60 Straps
    • Rip 60 for Runners DVD
    • Wall Chart Exercise Guide
    • Jillian Michaels Fat Shredding DVD
    • Georges St. Pierre Lean Muscle DVD
    • Rip 60 Power Yoga Workout DVD
    • 60 Day Nutrition Guide

Your order will arrive within 5-7 business days from the date of purchase. Rip 60 is protected with a limited 90-Day Warranty when you buy it from Amazon.


From our research, it seems that most people have had good results from Rip 60 and we would recommend this workout system. We would recommend that you buy Rip 60 from Amazon to ensure that you get the genuine product and to get the best discounted price.