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Best Over The Counter Wart Remover: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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If you come to this page looking for the best over the counter medicine for warts, then you have come to the right place. We have searched the internet high and low to find out which are the best wart treatment for specific types of warts and for specific areas of the body. We hope you find the answer to your questions on this page.

What Causes Warts?

Warts are small lumps usually quite rough that appear on the skin. It could appear anywhere on the body. They are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which is contagious. Warts appear when HPV produces an excessive amount of keratin which in turn causes excessive growth of cells at the skin's outer layer. 

Most people usually have them at some point in their lives. Warts tend to go away by themselves. However, they can sometimes take months and even years to fade.

The good news is, they can be treated especially if they are painful or if they keep coming back. This is why there are now many over the counter treatments such as creams, plasters, sprays, liquids, aimed at getting rid of warts.

Do Over The Counter Wart Removers Work?

Yes, the best otc (Over The Counter) wart removers work. They contain a substance called Salicylic acid in various amounts. This acid softens the top later of the skin where the wart is. Over time, this top layer of skin loosens and falls off. 

You can get the best wart removal products containing Salicylic over the counter and do not need a prescription from the doctor. However, you need to be careful to choose a medicine that is safe to use and that is FDA approved. We will direct you to the best products to buy in the relevant sections below.

How To Use Over The Counter Wart Treatments?

The best over the counter wart removers come in the form of creams, plasters or liquids. The best practice is: 

1. Make sure you protect the healthy skin around the wart before applying the wart medicine. You can do this by applying some Vaseline or covering with corn plaster.

2. Try and shed some of the affected area of the wart a little before applying the medicine. You can use a nail file for this.

3. Dampen the affected area in water before applying the wart medicine. 

The above steps are optional. Make sure you read the instructions carefully for the particular otc wart treatment you buy as being careful about your health is a priority.

Best Over The Counter Wart Remover For HPV And Common Warts Overall (Including Hands, Feet, Plantar and Flat Warts)?


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    Effective in treating all HPV warts including hands, feet, plantar and flat warts
  • check
    FDA approved to be safe to use
  • check
    It is fast acting and painless
  • check
    Maximum strength with 17% Sacrylic acid
  • check
    Easy to apply - in liquid form
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    Free bottle offers available from the official website when you purchase more than 1 bottle
  • Not recommended for genital and facial warts

If you are looking for an effective treatment for any type wart excluding genital and facial warts, then Wartrol is your best bet. With its ingredients being FDA approved, it is safe to use and effective. It contains 17% Sacrylic acid which makes it fairly strong and therefore very effective in treating warts. 

It is in liquid form and comes with a convenient brush applicator which makes it very easy to use. No messing about with creams and ointments. There are also no known side effects from the use of Wartrol.

Wartrol also comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee for any unused or unopened items. However, make sure you buy Wartrol from the official website from the link above to make sure you get the genuine product and take advantage of the money-back guarantee. 

Overall, real users of Wartrol have posted very positive reviews of this product and are very happy with how effective it has been in getting rid of their warts. 

Best Wart Medicine For Face and Genitals?


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    Specially formulated to treat sensitive warts on face and genitals
  • check
    FDA approved to be safe to use
  • check
    It is pain-free
  • check
    Safe for children
  • check
    Also leaves your skin moisturized
  • Not strong enough for common HPV warts on other areas of the body
  • Can take a long time to work

Unfortunately, Wartrol described above cannot be used for facial and genital warts because these areas are more sensitive than other parts of the body and the Sacrylic acid formula in Wartrol is too strong for sensitive areas.

Terrasil offers an all-natural treatment for warts on face and genitals. It can be used by children and people who have very sensitive skin. 

Can You Use Over The Counter Wart Remover While Pregnant?

Both Wartrol and Terrasil are safe to use during pregnancy. Even though Wartrol has 17% Sacrylic acid, it is applied topically and only gets absorbed in very small amounts through the skin into the blood stream.

Terrasil is an all natural formula and contains no harmful ingredients that could affect pregnancy. However, carefully read the instructions on both of these products to make sure that you are using them in the correct way.

Can You Use Over The Counter Wart Remover On Skin Tags?

Skin tags are fleshy growth of skin that will usually appear in armpits, neck, groin and eyelids. You do not really need any treatment for skin tags as they are usually painless.

However, it can be a pain sometimes if they are in an area that gets a lot of movement which can then cause them to bleed.

The main ingredient in most over the counter wart removers is Sacrylic acid and there is little scientific evidence to prove that Sacrylic acid can remove skin tags at the moment. However, most people who have used over the counter wart removal medicines like Wartrol to remove their skin tags have found it very effective.

Can You Use Over The Counter Wart Remover On Dogs?

Over the counter wart removers like Wartrol can be used on dogs. However, due to the fact that warts in dogs usually appear around their mouth or eyes, you need to make sure that they don't lick the medicine off as this can be harmful to them.