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Zquiet Review Vs SnoreRX Review: How Do They Compare?

Millions of people snore every night. And, for the snorers, it’s not usually a problem. However, their partners have to put up with a noise that sounds like an electric power tool being used all night long. And that can put a big strain on an otherwise-happy relationship.

In this article, we will talk about two revolutionary devices (Zquiet & SnoreRX) which get rid of your snoring for good. We will also share genuine ZQuiet and SnoreRX user reviews when it comes to snoring sourced from trusted places on the internet and compare the features, benefits and drawbacks of both devices. You will then be able to make an informed decision as to whether one of these devices is the solution to your sleep apnea problems.

What Are Zquiet And SnoreRX?




The tricky thing about dealing with snoring is that the solutions are either not cheap, like surgery, or can be extremely uncomfortable, like trying to use CPAP machines. It might be worth your time then to take a look at more affordable solutions, one that even comes with a risk-free guarantee.

The solution is anti-snoring mouthpieces and Zquiet and SnoreRX are two different mouthpieces that are currently being sold but which work in very similar ways. Both of these mouthpieces are made in the US and are approved by the FDA. It may well be that one of these devices can save your relationship.

How Do Zquiet and SnoreRX work?

In many cases, snoring is caused by too much tissue at the rear of the throat as the muscles tend to collapse during sleep and this causes lack of air which results in snoring. One effective way to deal with this problem is to make the opening at the back of the throat a little wider by raising the lower jaw slightly forward to ensure continuous breathing throughout the night and a good night sleep.

That is what ZQuiet and SnoreRX hope to do for you. And these are devices that dentists have already been prescribing for more than a quarter of the century.

The below videos gives you a brief overview of how ZQuiet and SnoreRX work.

How Do SnoreRX and Zquiet Compare?

The table below summarizes the main features and differences between the two mouthpieces. Links to the official websites are also provided so that you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee.







How customizable is it?

Fully customizable.

Takes an impression of every tooth in your mouth.

Not customisable. 

One size fits all.

How much can you adjust the lower jaw with the device?

Adjustable with 6 settings available in 1 mm increments

Adjustable with 2 settings available

Meets FDA standards?



Design & Material

Hard plastic framework with no hinge design

Soft plastic flexible material with hinge design

Air gap when worn

Medium air gap

Small air gap




Money-back guarantee

30 days

30 days

Buy from the official website with money-back guarantee

Would We Recommend SnoreRX or Zquiet?

Overall, both mouthpieces have received good reviews from actual users. However, we would recommend SnoreRX as this has been rated more highly by users mainly because it is fully customizable. This means it fits perfectly in your mouth once you have performed the initial fitting process.

Why Go For An Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece?

Yes, it’s hard to believe but the medical community has been approving of anti-snoring mouthpieces for decades. And now you don’t even need to go through your dentist and incur huge bills in order to get hold of one. And that’s because you don’t need a dentist anymore to fit the device for you, and keep refitting it until it is just right for you.

SnoreRX is customizable so that you get a perfect fit and that is important because if you search the internet, you’ll find many cases of users of other anti-snoring mouthpieces suffering because the mouthpieces don’t fit exactly. For SnoreRX, it appears to be a different story. SnoreRX stop-snoring mouthpiece device consumer reviews claim that it is generally pleasant to use and, compared to other anti-snoring methods such as sprays, strips and straps, SnoreRX gets results more quickly.

Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces Deal With The Basic Issue Permanently

t’s not that these other methods don’t work. It’s mostly that they only work on a temporary basis and that’s because they really don’t get to the heart of the problem, which is dealing with the throat tissue mentioned above that is actually causing the snoring in the first place.

Because ZQuiet and SnoreRX are designed to adjust the way you breathe, it naturally and automatically stops the snoring and that means a better night’s sleep for you and anyone else in your bedroom. ZQuiet and SnoreRX anti-snoring mouthpiece device reviews claim that it finally allows you to get rid of this unhealthy activity. The mouthpiece design gently moves your lower jaw in a forward direction.

This increases the space at the back of your throat and that means that the drag created by the excess throat tissue is eliminated. Air then passes through your throat more easily and smoothly and this leads to a decrease in snoring noise.

What Are The Issues With Zquiet?

One Size Fitting - The main issue with Zquiet according to user reviews on the internet is the fact that it is a one size device which means that it is not going to fit everybody's mouth in the same way. This means that some people might experience some discomfort while wearing it because it does not fit their mouths exactly.

LifeSpan - It seems that some people expected ZQuiet to last forever. However, the reality is that all mouthpieces have to be replaced at some point or another because of wear and tear. Therefore, people complaining about this problem just seemed to have unrealistic expectations when they bought ZQuiet.

What Are The Issues With SnoreRX?

Requires Initial Set Up - Some people have mentioned that SnoreRX requires initial fitting whereas some other mouthpieces do not. We have researched this set up process and we have found that this is a really simple easy setup process which takes less than 5 minutes. 1. You just need to boil a cup of water in the microwave. 2. Then, you place the device in the cup for 90 seconds. 3. Then place the device in a different cup of water which is at room temperature for 2-3 seconds and then remove immediately. 4. Put the device in your mouth and bite down firmly to create an impression and your device is ready to use.

LifeSpan - Just like Zquiet, SnoreRX does not have an unlimited lifespan. It will have to be replaced at some point due to wear and tear. All other mouthpieces would require replacement due to wear and tear.


Our research shows that both Zquiet and SnoreRX are good mouthpieces when it comes to stopping your snoring. We like SnoreRX more because of its customizable perfect fit feature. 

We also recommend that you buy SnoreRX or Zquiet from the official websites from the links provided on this page to get the genuine product and take advantage of the 30 day money-back guarantee.