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You might have noticed that it is much easier to keep the weight off when you are younger. When you start to get older, this process becomes harder. This is how Chalene Johnson, the creator of ChaLEAN Extreme, started to think about how to design this new workout program.

The ChaLEAN Extreme training program works on the basis that by building muscles, you will burn more fat and, as a result, you will lose weight and become leaner. It is based on resistance training.

The full program lasts for 90 days and is divided into three 30 day phases. The ChaLEAN Extreme calendar can be followed to identify which workouts are due within each of these three 30 day phases.

See Changes After 30 Days

When you buy ChaLEAN Extreme, you get 15 workouts on six DVDs. Each workout lasts between 22 to 46 minutes. Therefore, to complete each workout in plenty of time, you need to set aside about an hour of your day.

By the end of the program, Chalene Johnson says that you can burn up to 60% of your body fat. However, you will start to see changes after every 30 day phase in terms of leanness.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout program does not have a lot of cardio. It is mainly based on weight-lifting. But the package includes an extreme cardio DVD so people can get extra cardio workouts if they want to.

Here is the ChaLEAN Extreme schedule details for each of the 30 day phases:

Burn Phase: Kick-Start Metabolism

In this phase, the workouts focus on making your body stronger by starting to lift weights that are reasonably heavy but not extremely heavy. This is what kick-starts your metabolism to eventually achieve a lean physique.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout calendar summary is shown below:

Day 1: Burn Circuit 1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Burn Circuit 2
Day 4: Burn Intervals, Ab Burner
Day 5: Burn Circuit 3
Day 6: Burn It Off; Recharge
Day 7: Rest Day

A lot of people doing this workout use the first rest day to do some cardio.

Push Phase: Max Out Muscles

In this phase you will be lifting some really heavy weights which pushes your muscles to their maximum. The weights you should use here are 15 pounds or more. The repetitions change from 12 repetitions in the burn phase to 8 repetitions in this phase.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout schedule looks like this:

Day 1: Push Circuit 1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Push Circuit 2
Day 4: Burn Intervals; Ab Burner/Extreme Abs
Day 5: Push Circuit 3
Day 6: Burn It Off; Recharge
Day 7: Rest Day

Midway through this phase, Ab Burner is replaced by Extreme Abs.

Lean Phase: Tone Up Muscles

In this phase, weights are combined with a variety of strong movements of the arms and legs.

The ChaLEAN Extreme workout plan looks like this:

Day 1: Lean Circuit 1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: Lean Circuit 2
Day 4: Burn Intervals/Lean Intervals & Extreme Abs/I’ve Got Abs
Day 5: Lean Circuit 3
Day 6: Burn It Off/Fat Burn Challenge; Recharge
Day 7: Rest Day

Check Workout Times

Burn Circuit 1 – 36:00 min.
Burn Circuit 2 – 38:00 min.
Burn Circuit 3 – 32:30 min.
Push Circuit 1 – 33:00 min.
Push Circuit 2 – 35:00 min.
Push Circuit 3 – 35:00 min.
Lean Circuit 1 – 44:00 min.
Lean Circuit 2 – 40:00 min.
Lean Circuit 3 – 39:00 min.
Burn it Off – 27:00 min.
Recharge – 21:00 min.
Burn Intervals – 46:00 min.
Ab Burner – 10:30 min.
Extreme Abs – 16:30 min.

Get Free Calendar & Worksheets

You can print off the ChaLEAN Extreme workout calendar pdf here.

There are also some ChaLEAN Extreme worksheets that you can use with this program to track your progress. For each workout of each phase, they record the weight and the repetitions.

You can download a copy of the ChaLEAN Extreme worksheet here.

Although this workout is designed to accommodate beginners, people who are not used to weight-lifting will have to get used to some soreness at the start. This will be a barrier that people new to fitness will have to overcome.

Get Maximum Results

One thing to watch for is that the package does not come with the weights included as some of you might think. Therefore, you need to do some research on which weight to use and go out and buy them.chaleandvds

If you really want to get lean, build muscle and lose fat, then you should make sure you use the ChaLEAN Extreme workout plan and ChaLEAN Extreme workout sheets to organize your workouts and also track your progress. This will act as a big motivation on those days when you are not feeling like you want to work out.

The other thing to remember is that Chalene Johnson really emphasizes that a good diet plan is important to accompany this workout program in order to get maximum results. This is why there is a meal plan that comes with the package. Chalene also gives a lot of information about what to eat during the DVD workouts as well.

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