What Are The Philosophies And Guidelines Behind The Chalean Extreme Diet Plan And Recipes?

philosophy and guidelines behine chalean extreme diet plan

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The Chalean Extreme workout, created by Chalene Johnson, has become very popular because people have got good results from it. However, Chalene Johnson stresses the importance of having a balanced diet as part of this workout routine.

In this article, we will discuss the philosophy and guidelines behind the suggested nutrition plan for Chalean Extreme. The way the workout is designed is based on the fact that muscle burns fat. Therefore, the workout mainly focuses on building more muscles which will then burn more calories and make you lean.

Give Your Body The Right Fuel

In order to build muscles, you need to provide the body with the right fuel it needs to create those muscles. This is the only way you are going to get the results you desire.

The right nutrition is important in this workout because if you are eating the right food at the right time and understand why the food you eat needs to be the right fuel for the body, then the process of building muscles in order to burn fat will happen more efficiently.

In addition to getting leaner, the correct nutrition will also have other benefits such as higher levels of energy, and a healthier heart and body. However, it is important to remember that you need to adopt nutritional habits that can be sustained for the rest of your life because otherwise the body transformation you are going to get from Chalean Extreme is only going to be temporary.

Adopt The Following Food Habits

Eat five times a day – You should have three main meals and two snacks in a day. These meals should have the right proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They should roughly be three hours apart and this is because if you do not eat every two to three hours, your body actually starts to increase its fat stores.

Monitor your calorie intake – Women should aim to eat approximately 1200 to 1500 calories a day. Men should aim to eat approximately 1400 to 1700 calories a day. In order to calculate the exact number of calories you need to consume for the Chalean Extreme workout, use the Caloric Needs Calculator at TeamBeachbody.com.

Change Your Eating Habits With The Different Phases

The Chalean Extreme workout is designed in three phases; the burn phase in the first month, the push phase in the second month and the lean phase in the third month. As you move through the different phases in this workout, the Chalean Extreme recipes have more calories because your metabolic rate will increase.

In the burn phase, meals are rich in protein and vegetables and are low in refined carbohydrates and fats. In the push phase, protein intake is increased and this increases the amount of daily calories. In the lean phase, you are consuming the exact meals from the burn phase but in bigger quantities.

Get Your Mind Right

It is common knowledge that a lot of people have food disorders and tend to overeat and get obese as a result. Many of us have problems with eating healthy even when we know that is the best thing to do.chaleanpic

There is usually an emotional problem that causes overeating. As part of the Chalean Extreme package, you will get Chalene Johnson’s motivational audio program which will help you address your eating disorders.

In order to start eating healthy you need to plan where you are going to eat as well as what you are going to eat. Otherwise, you are going to be tempted into grabbing the quick fast food or letting ourselves go hungry for long periods. In order to get the best results with this workout, you need to be very strict with what and when you eat.

Get Your Facts Right

Lots of people believe that consuming fats will make them fat. This is a misconception because it is excess insulin production that causes people to get fat. Excess insulin is caused by consuming an excess of sugar.

Beware of fat free foods – Most of the time full fat foods have a lower sugar content than fat free foods. This means that fat free foods actually produce more insulin and therefore more fat.

Consume healthy fats – You need to consume polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats which are the healthy fats. The uhealthy fats are hydrogenated fats or saturated fats. These can be found in fried foods. Healthy fats can be found mainly in nuts, seeds, olive oil and fish.

Drink Plenty & At The Right Time

It is recommended that you drink six to eight ounces of water in a day. You should try and avoid drinking while eating because the body will just take more time to digest your food.

Half an hour before every meal, have a glass of water as this will help curb your hunger. Try and avoid too much low calorie drinks and avoid all sugary drinks.

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what the philosophy is behind the Chalean Extreme diet plan and recipes. When you buy this workout, you get the fat burning food guide which provides you with more than 80 healthy recipes. Hopefully, this will make your fat loss journey a lot more exciting.

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