The Flex Belt Reviews: Can It Really Transform Your Abs?

Close Up On Perfect AbsYou will probably have heard of THE FLEX BELT Ab Belt Workout – FDA Cleared to Tone, Firm and Strengthen the Abdominal Muscles from the TV infomercial. In the infomercial, this belt is presented to be the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) device which has been cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device.

Having seen the infomercial, many people are now searching the internet to try and find real Flex Belt user reviews showing results users have obtained from it and whether it does work when it comes to transforming your ab muscles. It can be extremely hard to find genuine independent slendertone Flex Belt abdominal toning belt consumer or customer reviews on the internet and this is why I have written this article to make your life easy.

I have looked at various sources on the internet for reviews from real users of Flex Belt. I also tried to find the issues and complaints people have with this device. I will share my findings with you below.

I was quite surprised by some of things I found and you might be too. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision of whether Flex Belt is what you are after.

What Is Flex Belt?

Flex Belt is an ab belt toning system which which claims to tone, firm and strengthen the stomach muscles.

As mentioned above, the Flex Belt uses medical-grade abdominal toning technology, which the company has patented as EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology. This technology is similar to what physical therapists use on patients who are unable to exercise their muscles effectively.

How Does It Work?

The manufacturers’ claim that you only need to use it for 30 minutes a day to get an effective abdominal workout. They claim that you can use it even if you are too tired or too busy which are the main reasons why people tend to skip traditional workouts. This is because you only need to wear the belt and it does all the work for you with no effort required on your part.

  • The Flex Belt is made up of three medical-grade gel pads which are positioned to cover the abdominal area as well as the external obliques.flex belt pic1
  • When it is being used, it sends signals which stimulate the nerves that are responsible for the contraction and relaxation of your muscles.
  • The nerves extend to all the stomach muscles and this ensures that the entire abdominal area gets an effective workout as the muscles contract and relax naturally.

What Do People Think Of It?

Since you have come to this site to find out about Flex Belt ab belt and toner reviews, here is a summary of what I found. The Flex Belt reviews have been taken from trusted sources such as Amazon and other reliable bodybuilding forums and blogs.

In this Flex Belt customer review, a professional body builder claims that Flex Belt has played an important role in making him win his latest contest:

I have used The Flex Belt as one of my tools in my contest preparation for my recent show which I placed 1st  in my class. The Flex Belt played a huge part in keeping my midsection tight, defined and giving me a competitive advantage.

Art (Professional Body Builder), Official Flex Belt website

Flex Belt is presented as a device which will deliver results in just 4-8 weeks. This user also thinks that it is easy to store and assemble.

I have been using the Flex Belt for the last eight weeks, and I have seen great results. My stomach muscles are tightening, and the mid section that so many women have difficulty losing is diminishing…It is easy to store, charge, and assemble with very little effort on your part.


In the Flex Belt review below, a user with back problems has found the product extremely useful in getting an abdominal workout:

..having a bad back keeps me from being able to keep my abs strong but using this belt so far I have seen and felt a big difference in my midsection and starting to see results.


It seems that you can use Flex Belt anywhere you are and while going about your day as normal which saves on time and energy for busy people:

I am a 45 year old mom with 3 children age 3 and under…I lost the majority of my baby weight, I couldn’t tone up all the “jiggly bits”! Also, with 3 small children at home, it’s impossible to get out to the gym regularly. I really like using it and it is so easy. I can use it around the house while I work, clean or do so many different things and I am toning my stomach at the same time…The Flex Belt is the perfect solution.

Salena, Official Flex Belt website

Are There Any Flex Belt Complaints?

There were no clearly negative Flex Belt reviews and it is clearly not a scam product. Some people just had some concerns which I have summarized below.

Product not genuine – One of the main concerns from Flex Belt negative reviews is the fact that people received counterfeit products. This problem can be easily solved. I recommend that you buy Flex Belt from Amazon from the link below to avoid counterfeit products.

No Warranty – The other concern from users is the fact that they did not get 24 months warranty when they bought Flex Belt. Again, this happened to users who bought the Flex Belt from other re-sellers. To ensure that you get the 24 month warranty, you should buy the Flex Belt from Amazon.

No weight loss – There were also some concerns from people who claimed not to have lost weight from using Flex Belt and they started calling it the Flex Belt scam. Flex Belt is not being sold as a weight loss device but rather as a device designed to strengthen, tone and tighten your abdominal muscles. This means that you will probably lose some weight around your waist from getting an abdominal workout, but it is unrealistic to expect to shed the pounds as you would with other workouts.


From my research, it seems that Flex Belt has proved to be an effective device for strengthening, tightening and toning abdominal muscles based on user reviews.

Therefore, if you are looking to get tighter abs but are too busy or too lazy to go to the gym or perform traditional workouts, then you should give it a try. The other advantage of the Flex Belt seems to be that you can use it even if you have back problems.

What’s Included In The Package?

The Flex Belt package includes the following:

  • The Flex Belt and gel pads
  • Power supply unit which is rechargeable – This can also be used with other Flex products for the different body parts
  • A belt extension to cater for those with a waist over 44 inches
  • The instruction manual

Additional Free Bonuses

Meal Planner – As an added bonus, when you buy Flex Belt, the complimentary meal plan which is worth $50. This meal planner is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals while using Flex Belt.

Warranty – When you order Flex Belt from Amazon from the link below, you also get a 24 month warranty. If you have any problems with the product, you can get in touch with the manufacturer through Amazon customer service.

I advise you to only buy this product through Amazon, rather than other re-sellers. This will ensure that you get the genuine product and that you are fully protected in case anything goes wrong.

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