What Are The Six Best Kettlebell Workouts?

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Training with kettlebells is becoming more and more popular because it is a great way to get fit and feel great. But the greatest benefit is probably the fact that it cuts down on gym fees.

You will be surprised about the number of different workouts that you can perform using a kettlebell and this makes a kettlebell rack one of the most attractive pieces of gym equipment to have in your house.

You can get asĀ fit as you want with a kettlebell even as fit as an athlete by just varying your kettlebell weight. In this article, we will discuss some basic facts regarding the kettlebell and also discuss the best kettlebell workouts.

Are Kettlebells Different From Other Gym Equipment?

Kettlebells differ from other pieces of gym equipment mainly because of the variety of workouts that you can perform with it. To explain the difference better, let us use an exercise bike as an example.

The exercise bike is one of the most popular home gym equipment to purchase and a lot of the time the only one people tend to purchase in their lifetime. It is undoubtedly a really good machine, however, it is restricted in the types of workouts you can get from it.

You can only really get two types of workouts, either a long slow paced cardio session or a high intensity interval session. On the other hand, a kettlebell rack with a number of the appropriate weights will give you a variety of workouts that target different training goals and body parts. However, make sure that you take appropriate steps to avoid injuries during kettlebell training sessions.

Achieve Any Desired Fitness Goal

Whether you want to achieve a lean muscular physique or you want bulky muscle mass, you can achieve either of these with two or three kettlebell weights. If you are a man, you will probably not need anything heavier than 24 kg and for a woman you want to stick to a maximum weight of 12 kg.

It is a good idea not to go lower than a 4 kg weight because you are not going to achieve a decent workout from that. Once you get fitter and need to increase your weight you can usually do so by purchasing a new kettlebell which is 2 to 4 kg heavier and carry on increasing your fitness levels this way.

Do More Reps For A Cardio Workout

You can also get cardio workouts from kettlebells. You just need to use lighter weights and perform a high number of the repetitions using one basic exercise routine.

For example, you can easily get your heart and lungs to work harder and create an oxygen deficit by using a 6 kg kettlebell and performing sets of 100 repetitions.You can perform these repetitions for 10 sets and just take two minute breaks in between.

This will put great pressure on your body and give you a great cardio workout which will also increase your metabolism. Even compared to dumbells, the kettlebell is much better because it makes workouts harder which tend to burn more calories.

The Six Best Kettlebell Workouts Revealed

The full body is also being worked out in a lot of kettlebell exercises which means that circuits can easily be built to achieve a variety of different fitness goals. However, a lot of kettlebell exercises can also be considered as isolated exercises because they put emphasis on specific muscle groups during those movements.

The following specific muscle groups exercises give the best kettlebell workouts. However, bear in mind that you need to be very careful when handling kettlebells because you can easily hurt yourself.

Two-handed swing – This is considered one of the best kettlebell workouts because it involves the more major muscle groups which includes the shoulders, back and hips. In addition, it also increases the flexibility of your upper body, overall balance and overall coordination.

Turkish getup – This is considered to be the best full body exercise when it comes to kettlebells. It is very difficult to achieve because it involves standing up from a lying down position with a fairly heavy kettlebell. The Turkish getup also improves stability and strengthens the shoulder, spine and hips.

One arm swing – This is the same as the two-handed swing except you use only one arm to swing the bell. This puts more pressure on the body than the two-handed swing. This is a good exercise for the lower body and arms.

Renegade push-ups – This workout works on several muscles. The plank posture strengthens the core muscles. The rowing position strengthens the arms and the middle back muscles. The push up position strengthens the shoulders, lower back, arms and triceps.

Goblet squats – You can perform this workout by having the kettlebell either in the bottom up position or the bottom down position. This workout is good to strengthen the shoulders, legs, hands, glute and core.

Windmills – This workout requires a complex move. Therefore, this is for more advanced people. It is a full body move which gives a good workout to the shoulders, arms, core and chest.

The kettlebell exercises discussed above will probably be quite difficult if you are a beginner. However, with practice you will get more and more comfortable with these workouts and this will gradually make you stronger.



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