How To Survive The Holiday Season

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The holiday season can wreak havoc with your health. It is easy to get carried away with the holiday rush and all the high emotions that people experience during these periods. So it is hardly surprising that the health of many people suffers during the holiday season.

Not only that, people pile on massive amounts of weight, suffer from indigestion, catch colds and flu, increase stress levels and just generally feel lethargic and tired. It is enough to make you wonder if the holidays are worth the effort. Most people seem to end up in a worse state than before the holidays.

But it does not all have to be a complete disaster. There are things you can do to keep yourself focused, balanced and healthy despite the excesses of the holiday season.

Keep Yourself Active Physically

It is a sad fact, but when people get too busy, the first thing they tend to discard from their lives is exercise. During normal times, it is those exercise routines that provide a firm backbone which helps keep our bodies healthy. Those habits keep us in balance. However, by the very nature of the holiday season, all our habits tend to get thrown out of the window, and that includes our exercise routines.

So simply by keeping a commitment to yourself to keeping your exercise routine in place, even during the holiday season, you immediately give yourself a fighting chance of staying healthy during that period. Exercise of this kind can also help you combat the stresses of the holiday season.

But even if you are unable to stick to your regular exercise routine during the holidays, you might still be able to do something, even a little something. Just going for 30-minute walk every day can be beneficial for you.

Eat Healthy When You Can

Part of the draw of the holiday season is that we can gorge ourselves on tasty food. And there's nothing wrong with indulging once in a while. It is one of the pleasures of a well-lived life. To give up eating this pleasurable food completely during the holidays would almost defeat one of the major attractions of the festivities themselves. So there's no problem allowing yourself to indulge, it's just about how far are you willing to go.

If you know in advance that you are going to be having an entirely unhealthy meal, you can plan your other meals around that. You can either lighten up meals before the big one or cut back after you have eaten it. This way, even though you are overindulging a bit, overall you are still pretty much in balance.

Start The Day With Fresh Foods

Nearly all nutritionists agree that fresh raw foods are wonderfully healthy for the human body. They help to keep your health at peak levels and fight off diseases and illnesses that would other otherwise plague you regularly.

During the holiday season, where do you find space and time to get your healthy dose of fresh fruits and vegetables?

One simple method is simply to have a fresh, and preferably green, smoothie every day. Do this first thing in the morning and give your body a huge jump start in health and vitality.

There is also evidence to suggest that having lighter meals earlier in the day, along with fresher foods, can help the body's natural immune system and restoration of processes.

The other advantage of having healthy food at the beginning of the day during the holidays is that it makes you feel less guilty if you are overindulging later. You already know that you have treated your body well that day and you might even feel like cutting back a little bit on some of the following indulgences. Even if you do not, you will feel less bad about it.

Manage Your Stress Levels

It seems contradictory but what is supposed to be a relaxing holiday time often ends up being the complete opposite for many people. Tensions about relationships, shopping, family, and money, can often mount up the pressure levels on people engaged in holiday celebrations. Overeating can become an unwelcome stress reliever. But there's no need to feel like a victim about it. You can prepare in advance.

Knowing that your stress levels may be pushed to their limits, you can learn techniques to deal with it before it happens. There are many methods available for dealing with stress such as yoga, meditation, learning to breathe deeply, taking lots of physical exercises, and even just spending time by yourself. These sorts of activities will build a buffer against stress so that even when it strikes, you have some internal insulation against the harmful side-effects of it.

However, why not go one step further? Instead of just using these techniques just for a holiday time, you could also make them part of your everyday life. That way when the holidays do come around, you have all your stress reduction techniques already in place.

Don't Forget What The Holidays Are About

The holiday season should be a time of joyous celebration and coming together for many families. Because of stresses and strains, it is easy to forget that.

It is easy to get lost in all the commercialism and pressure to buy presents during the holidays.

By reminding yourself of what holiday celebrations mean to you and the ones nearest to you, you can start to rekindle your enthusiasm for them. Paradoxically, by focusing more upon what the holidays mean to you, you can naturally combat some of the stresses that can build up along the way to that.

Just by keeping your focus on ensuring you and others have a very good time, you can often overcome the minor petty annoyances that prevent you from doing so.

This article has given you some simple tips to help you during any holiday season, not just Christmas and new year. We hope you found the information useful. Now it is up to you to apply it and make your next holiday season the best one yet.

How To Survive The Holiday Season was last modified: July 5th, 2017 by Toby Cain