Health Benefits Of Yoga: Top Five Health Benefits Revealed

yogaYoga is becoming more and more popular these days because people are finding out that it has lots of advantages to it.

However, to get the best results from yoga, you need to practice it regularly and not take big breaks where you are not doing yoga. There are a lot of people who start off doing yoga and, after doing the first session, they fail to see the point of putting their body in various uncomfortable positions. Therefore they just quit after the first session. Don’t become one of them. Here are some of the health benefits of yoga:

Increases Strength

Yoga can rightly be regarded as a physical workout. You have to adopt different positions and poses that can sometimes be difficult and challenging for some body parts and muscles. By challenging your body in this way, yoga helps you tone your muscles, lose weight and become stronger.

Therefore, if you practice yoga on a regular basis, you will notice that you gradually get stronger and stronger and at the same time get leaner.

Yoga also tells you a lot of things about your body. A lot of people start out thinking that they are not flexible but after practicing yoga for a bit, they find out they are indeed actually quite flexible.

You find out what your body is good at and also find out about its limitations. For example, you will find out whether you are a good back bender or arm balancer. There will also be some poses that the body just cannot do and some that are a real challenge.

Promotes Relaxation

We are all very busy these days with work and family and all sorts of other problems which most of us keep thinking about. This is what leads to stress which is also becoming an increasing problem.

When you are setting aside an hour for a yoga session everyday, it requires your complete focus so that you are able to follow the instructor’s directions and also to be able to get into the right posture and stay in that posture for the required amount of time.

When your focus is on yoga, you leave all your worries about work or family behind. Your mind is clear during your yoga session and this relaxes you. A clear mind helps you live in the present moment and just enjoy life more because you are not worrying about so many things.

A clear mind will also help you sleep. If you suffer from snoring, you should check out anti-snoring mouthpieces because they will really help you have a good night’s sleep.

Increases Mind Strength

In the first instance, because yoga is a physical workout as well, as it gradually gets you physically fit and healthy, you will also gradually be moving to a healthier mind.

But more specifically, some of the poses are very beneficial for the mind. For example, when you are upside down, this helps to push the blood flow to your brain and helps pump out old blood which helps to revitalize your mind.

Furthermore, as you practice different poses, there are different state of mind you have to try and achieve in these poses such as Sthira, which is a posture which also requires one to stay firm and alert, and Sukha which requires a state of ease and no tension.

It requires a lot of practice to achieve these states for these postures and this mindset is beneficial in a lot of other areas of your life such as work and also your personal life.

For example, let us say you are faced with a crisis in your personal life or at work and being able to maintain a calm mindset during this crisis is crucial. This is where yoga will come to your rescue.

Change Bad Habits

First of all yoga helps you identify your bad habits. As mentioned before, when you do yoga it requires your full focus and therefore you really get to know yourself over time and therefore also get to know the bad habits you have.

Because we lead very busy lives these days, if we do not take time for ourselves we will not even recognize when we have a bad habit. And so if we do not recognize that there is a problem then we cannot start changing it for the better.

By helping us focus on ourselves yoga helps us know who we really are and identify those bad habits that we might have.

Also once we have identified these bad habits, yoga also helps us change these bad habits. This is because, over time, by working with the body with the different postures and mindset, yoga teaches the concept of “letting go of that which does not serve me”.

So, for people who have problems with smoking and drinking, yoga will help them change these bad habits over time.

Prevent Future Problems

Yoga essentially teaches that if a posture is painful or does not feel comfortable, you should stop it and try a different posture that feels better to your body.

The reason this concept is important is because quite a few times in life we keep taking the same action every time expecting the outcome to be different.

In other words, we keep trying to get good results by doing the wrong things again and again. Yoga helps you get away from this mindset and just let go and stop doing those things that are clearly not getting you anywhere.

It helps you to move on and take a different action that feels better. In most cases that new action is probably going to yield better results. Therefore, yoga helps you make the right choices and prevents you from future problems.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a good idea of what are the health benefits of yoga. You can now decide whether you want to go ahead and practice it.



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